Postgres Database Administrator (DBA) (Contract)


We're looking for a PostgreSQL DBA for an initial 3 month contract to assist us in implementing an automated database change management process


  • Work with Head of Platform Engineering and scrum masters to refine tasks/stories and workload
  • Collaborate with Platform engineers to build CI pipelines for deploying schema changes, validation tests and rollback strategies
  • Collaborate with Python/Scala backend engineers to get database schemas defined within code repositories using our chosen change management tool (sqitch)
  • Unify schemas for all databases in all environments (local/dev, staging, production), with as close to 0 downtime as possible
  • Define patterns and best practices for ongoing change management operation, with solid examples and documentation
  • Ensure application of principal of least privilege and (with assistance from Platform engineers), implementation of ephemeral credentials using hashicorp vault
  • Ensure that databases implement TLS-secured communication and KMS/encryption-at-rest throughout
  • Identify and improve query and index usage (e.g identify missing or more optimal indexes)
  • Ensure that monitoring, metrics and alerting are in excellent shape



  • Experience performing online migrations at scale in Postgres (e.g knowledge of operation lock scope, multi-phase/backwards compatible migrations)
  • All of the usual DBA skills (schema design, query/index optimisation)
  • Experience with at least one dynamic scripting language (e.g Perl, Python, Ruby)
  • Ability to work both in isolation on a specific work stream and to collaborate with the wider backend engineering team as required
  • Experience working in a modern, cloud-based infrastructure, using infrastructure-as-code tooling (e.g CI/CD, Terraform, Ansible, Docker)


  • Git
  • Perl
  • pgTAP
  • Docker
  • PGBouncer
  • Postgres on RDS (or Aurora)
  • Experience with partitioning/sharding


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