4 days ago

Nash, United States

Amazing! 1 Only! ☝🏼 ✨ Ashley’s personal ‘Stolen Hearts’ cut off sleeve tee. Pre-BVB 🎶 -Comes w Autograph ✍🏼 card featuring band and a couple stickers. Very Unique! ⭐️ circa 2007-08’ #outofprint #collector #memorabilia 💯

4 days agoNash, United States
  • wonderlandgardenemporium This is directly towards Ashley. If this is from before BVB, then why don’t you hang onto it? I wouldn’t sell it if I were you. I’d keep it for memory sake. That’s just my opinion. 😊

  • wonderlandgardenemporium I don’t expect an answer. Just curious.

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