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2 months ago

Chicago, United States

I want 🍭 🍬! Ah the ‘00 to to ‘10 had these types of all over the place! I wore these in high school and if i could still fit them I wouldn’t sell them.

The Tootsie Roll shirt has small bleach on the right side of the graphic and another one on left near the shirt bottom hem. On the Reese’s one there’s a small stain on the right shoulder due to a sticker that was still on there when it got washed. There’s another tiny one between the graphic and shit neck hem. This one is a bit bigger but still the same size as the brown.

$10 per shirt, if you want both I can bundle for $25, shipping will be covered by the price. I’m open for negotiations!

#steve&barrys #junkfood #tootsieroll #reeses #brown #orange #candy #food #vintage #hershey #graphics

2 months agoChicago, United States

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