ISO, if you know anyone - 0

ISO, if you know anyone selling any of these please tag or inform me. Only looking to swap / trade at the moment, unless you're selling for a good price. •Callahan Suze Faux Fur Cold Shoulder Mini Dress (xs/s) •For Love & Lemons May Heart Bustier Mini Dress (xs/s) •Chuck Taylor All Star GR82 (size 5.5) •Bath & Body Works candles •Really distressed/ripped jeans (23/00) •Suspender skirt / plaid circle skirt (23/00) •Unique Champion hoodies/sweaters ☆CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR THE CHAMPION X HVN CHERRY SET DESPERATELY!!! •Civil Regime Rose Hoodie in either Galaxy/Lightning Wash Some brands I'm interested in: •Urban Outfitters •LF •Pacsun •Victoria's Secret •Dolls Kill •I.AM.GIA •For Love & Lemons •Lucy in the Sky •Eggie

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