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Frogs Mini Prints 🐸🐸🐸 12 baseball sized cards with assorted frog pictures on front and descriptions and info on back Printed on recycled paper and stored in the cardboard case (shown in last pic) Great for science classroom! FREE SHIPPING! Inside cover reads: 🐸 “Frogs consist of a great variety of tailless, leaping, and smooth-skinned amphibians in the order Anura, although the term “frog” is loosely applied to the rough, warty, hopping amphibians called toads. Within the order is a colorful array of species from shy, camouflaged, and harmless to bold, fierce, and venomous. As with other amphibians, frogs are useful in controlling the number of insects and small animals in an area. They, in turn, are preyed upon by birds, reptiles. mammals, and sometimes other frogs.” #halloween #toads #spooky #witch #spell

ConditionUsed - Good
StyleRave, Bright, Boho, 80s, Preloved, Vintage


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