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Please look no further 'cause these new, funky plaid shorts are so dang cool! Rockin' these bad boys with a bangin' rocker tank top and sassy sandals or dressed up a bit with a crisp oxford shirt or dope golf shirt and boat shoes will surely show that your flyness is undeniable! Heck to the yeah! Can't you just picture yourself enjoying a fun~filled, sunny vacay in such awesome ensembles? These great shorts are a 16 in Boys and will excellently fit as a Small in Women and as an Extra Small in Men, and I will be too happy to send you the measurements in a private message! All right, which one of you is amazing enough to snag these fresh shorts? πŸ’£ πŸ˜™ πŸ† πŸ’₯ Plaid Shorts Preppy Shorts Colorful Shorts Blue Shorts Red Shorts White Shorts Black Shorts Buttons Zipper Pockets Belt Loops Cotton Dope Fly Cool Fresh Funky Chillax Vacation Vacay Cruise Resort Hit The Beach Fun In The Sun Dress Them Up Dress Them Down

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