🗡 Intricate unique gold tone - 0
🗡 Intricate unique gold tone - 1
🗡 Intricate unique gold tone - 2

🗡 Intricate unique gold tone dagger earrings with amazing design and curved blade. Never been worn. From hook to bottom of charm is 3” 🗡 ~Shipping is 3.50 Tags: knifeearrings swordearrings goth gothic punk pastelgoth lolita vintage cute jewelry emo y2k 90s 70s 60s retro celtic renaissance angel chokers chains katana earrings necklaces bracelets spooky kawaii depop jewlery choker devil cosplay hippie renaissance knife accessories crescentmoon wiccan wicca metal grunge abstract art pins hairclips anime manga dollskill daggers samurai oriental rings bracelets necklaces earrings viking

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