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And then god made shoes... Brand unknown but for this inlain mother of pearl bow in the stripey rarewood. I LOVE these but my feet feel a bit wide for them. Agh i LOVE these shoes. Calling all fetishists: get youuu these platforms to place your toes, you deserve only the best framing. Their only trouble is the straps fray these little strings (last photo) but u just snip them off like a haircut. i think soon they’ll stop when the underfacing frays to the sewline. Structurally nonproblematic Im a widefooted 8. Length good, straps tight. I’d say a narrowfooted 8 or 8.5. Sandals tho ey? So you could be a 7.5 #sohot #nakedfeet #zebrawood ? #woodsandal




Minneapolis, United States

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