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2 days ago

Houston, United States

🖤 2000s Claire’s Collectors Doll 🖤

Super rare piece. Only two type of dolls were made this being one. This is from my personal collection. I had no plans of giving her up, but I believe she’d make someone else much happier.
Came out in 2001! 💕 It’s so crazy how this is the style everyone’s now going for again. Ugh, I just love early 2000s fashion! Hers is the coolest. She reminds me of a cute little internet girl. I LOVE! 🍒 In original packaging! Top does have a tear, but overall in amazing condition! Isn’t she the cutest?! Also, Claire’s is rumored to be shutting down soon which will make this chica a true keepsake. (as if she isn’t already!)

Tags: Y2K 00s 90s 1990s Toys Collectors Mall Goth Goth Gothy Gothic Punk Punky

2 days agoHouston, United States
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