Santa Clarita, United States


Vintage Hermes Logo Scarf really cute. i bought it thinking it would be one of the little square ones but i was mistaken. its transparent but if you fold it over itself its like not transparent. woah. it can still be worn as a top and all of that its just a different folding technique. please dont make fun of my pictures im doing the best with what i have. this doesnt apply to the 4th one i dont know what i was doing there. Great condition: no stains, a bit of pulling but nothing major. One small pinhole but it’s really hard to see. Measurements: length: 60 inches width: 20 inches (its not a square) shipping is uhh $3 #vintage #hermes #scarf #designer #ghgghhghghghh

ConditionUsed - Excellent
StyleStreetwear, Retro, Cute, 90s, Vintage, Preloved
ColourBrown, Cream



Santa Clarita, United States

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