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Crochet cuffs for dreadlocks with skull beads Five wool dreadbeads, each beaded with a embedded vintage rustic carved wood skull. Wool is mostly brown, but laced with greens and yellows throughout. 📐Size: 8-1.5mm wide 2-3cm tall 🛠Care: Hand-wash with a wool-friendly detergent. Avoid soaping the attached beads. Rinse well and lie flat to dry. ❤Handmade with sustainably sourced vegan materials❤ ✉Free shipping in the U.K.✉ #Dreadlock #dreads #hair #skull #beads hairstyle styling head braids locs body jewellery wool crochet knit beaded vintage carved brown green wool wood skull hippy hippie child boho bohemian earthchild tribal forest faerie garden nymph earth fairy fawn nymph accessories costume cosplay kawaii creamfields glastonbury boomtown burning man coachella electric daisy carnival rave free party warehouse techno festivalhair shambala PLUR EDC EDM festival holiday beach wavy fae sustainably made birthday present gift full moon spring solstice celebration valentines day

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