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19 hours ago

Baytown, United States

Hot pink tennis skirt! Similar to the iconic American Apparel tennis skirt. The brand is Reebok and it’s in perfect condition. The only flaw is a small pen(?) mark on the skirt in the last photo. It’s not visible unless seen super up close.

If the color seems off, there are two other listings I have that are bright red in color if you would like to have a comparison!

Length: 17.5”
Waist: 14”

Model measurements:
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140
Waist: 27.5”

This is not American apparel! This is simply tagged as such due to the skirt reminding me of theirs and also for exposure. Please notice the brand before purchasing.

#americanapparel, #americanvintage, #urbanoutfitters, #UO, #forever21, #tennis, #pleated, #reebok, #vintage, #pleats, #dollskill, #sports

19 hours agoBaytown, United States
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