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2 years ago

Mount Pleasant, London WC1X 0AR, UK

😍 Meet the Adox Pronto-LK, it's a 35mm viewfinder camera with a hot shoe for your flash, a built in selenium light meter and a 45mm f2.8 lens. This one is really light, easy to carry and easy to use. All you'll need is a roll of 35mm film and you'll be ready to go. This one doesn't need any batteries as the light meter is selenium, so all you'll need to do is match the shutter speeds and apertures with the dial on top and your distance on the lens and you'll be ready to shoot. This one would be a really fun little camera for anyone who'd like a vintage viewfinder which looks great and has a built in light meter. As with all our cameras this one has been tested, is in full working order and comes with our 1 year guarantee. #filmsnotdead #camera #35mm #pointandshoot #vintage #adox #viewfinder #filmcamera

2 years agoMount Pleasant, London WC1X 0AR, UK
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