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2 years ago

San Diego, CA, USA

Meet the seller | Hi! I'm Joyce, 17, located in San Diego, CA. I own a clothing company, Wild Daisy (wilddaisy.com) that I started when I was 13. You can follow our business Instagram at @shopwilddaisy and my personal at @wilddaisyforever! I've been together with my boyfriend for over 2 years now and we started up a vlog channel which you can find it by going to YouTube.com/goobandbean 🌹 I also have my own YouTube channel (YouTube.com/wilddaisyforever) where I create makeup tutorials, business tips, and fashion and lifestyle videos (and showcase my obsession with clothing through hauls ;) I upload tons of clothing and makeup on my Depop every week so be sure to follow and check back often! x

2 years agoSan Diego, CA, USA
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