last year

Los Angeles, United States

RICOH S-30 point-and-shoot film camera 📷✨ Perfect lil companion to stick in your purse or pocket to document adventures or toe your way into film photography!
Comes with a roll of expired film and has a new battery!

#film #camera #35mm #ricoh #s30

last year
Los Angeles, United States

  • ejstorkamp do you have any pictures taken with the camera you could show?

  • olivialaubscher how much is shipping?

  • monicathewolfe @ejstorkamp Hey! Haven't tested it with film, but I got a new battery for it and all parts are in working order. Flash and focus work, lens is clear, and shutter is in order! I take returns if anything doesn't work, since vintage stuff can be finicky ☺️


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