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We (just two of us) are a book dealer specializing in art books, underground comics, black radical (fiction & non-fiction, and zines. We have a particular interest in rare & collectible, i.e. first editions, fine editions, limited editions, & out of print. We run a small distro as well with new titles of books, magazines & zines. Things we find really cool and maybe you will too! We preserve the spirit of the sidewalk booksellers from back in the day, specially the men & women of New York City & San Francisco. They were the cultural curators of literature in the city, if you knew you knew! We do not have a store, we sell online our more rare items but you can catch us slinging books from our distro as well as our more modestly priced items on the street in major cities of the east coast. We are collectors ourselves and enjoy going on hunts for the rare and unusual. What we hope is to bring these finds to a new era of book collectors and lovers! Enjoy the browse! 💜📚💜

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Philadelphia, United States

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