Hey guys!!! Just want to - 0

Hey guys!!! Just want to add a few shop rules :))) 1. If you need measurements just message me, I do not do refunds so make sure the piece will fit before buying!!! Model is size 3-4 waist 26" 32C for reference but if you need more details on the specific piece let me know!! 2. I try to ship right away but sometimes things come up (very rarely) but please allow up to a week for me to get your package shipped out to you ♡ 3. I only do holds for 1 day Thank you for following these rules I've truly been so lucky to have great customers and I am so thankful for all the great feedback I get all the time...p.s tag me on Instagram so I can see where all my pieces end up and so I can shout you out!! Lots of love Bianca ♡♡♡♡

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