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2 years ago

Canterbury VIC 3126, Australia

1972 Spear's Frog Race - Frog Race is a jolly party game for any number of players. Up to four can race at a time, then the winners of each round may race against each other to find the champion. Place two chairs beside each other, about 18″ apart, at one end of the room. Each player takes a frog, a length of string and a ball. Tie the ball at one end of the string and thread the other end through the frog from the front. Tie this loose end to a chair leg approximately 7″ from the floor. Players then unwind their strings moves his frog to the end close to the ball and stands in line with the other player about 10-12 feet away from the chairs. Frogs are then placed in a starting position i.e. sitting nearly upright, with their back legs only on the floor. When ‘Go!” shouted players make their frogs hop towards the chairs by pulling and slackening their strings. But at no time must the string be lifted so high that the frog slides. First frog home is the winner.

2 years agoCanterbury VIC 3126, Australia

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