sooo I wasn't gonna say- 0
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Gibbsboro, United States

sooo I wasn't gonna say anything about this, but it's just so frustrating I had to...
guys. fucking seriously??? 😑😑😑
I get comments saying things like "I know it says you don't swap, but..." which I usually just ignore, but this one pissed me off so much because it just so blatantly ignored the description.😤😤😤
how hard is it to read the description?! honestly! every item I have listed has in caps that I DO NOT DO SWAPS.
please stop asking, ok? you're not gonna be the exception, and I was a lot nicer to the first 50 people who asked.
I've seen this happen to pretty much every seller, and it's so irritating.
read. the. description. before. asking. shit.

(just wanna add, I've met amazing people on this app and I know the vast majority of people on here don't do shit like this! everyone make mistakes, myself included, and sometimes we skip/forget parts of the description, no worries! it's just when it's completely blatant like this is when it gets frustrating!)

last yearGibbsboro, United States
  • chelseaxvasquez the way some people actually avoid that, is by putting “No swapping” cause no one looks up the word swapping. i’ve noticed that!

  • sean_said @chelseaxvasquez ooo I never even thought about that! I'm definitely gonna be changing it to "no swapping" from now on, thanks!!!💕

  • chelseaxvasquez no problem! usually when i’m looking for a swap I look up ‘swap’ . hope it fixes your problem :-))


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