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2 years ago

Kings County, United States

How to spot fake Supreme... T-SHIRT: The main giveaway is that Supreme collars are rarely stitched. There should be a *faint* watermark on the back of the size label. Make sure the logo in the size tag is true to the actual Supreme logo (for fakes, the colors and font tend to be a bit off). ...HOODIE: Drawstrings should be flat laces; if the drawstrings are string, it's likely to be fake. Stitching should also always be neat and tidy. ...SUPREME X TNF JACKET: Check that the jacket has hologram tags inside the wash tags. Again, quality is key! If the color looks unusual, feels badly, or there's untidy stitching, it's likely to be fake. Also, make sure that the embroidered The North Face logo is neat and that the lettering is not joined together by stitching. When in doubt, don't hesitate to email us at support@depop.com.

2 years agoKings County, United States

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