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2 years ago

Kings County, United States

How to tell real vs. fake Yeezy: 1. SOLE. The bobbling on the bottom of the boost section in the sole should be varied and irregular. If the raised patterns are symmetrical on both sides, they're counterfeit. 2. LOGO. The ADIDAS logo is always aligned the same way on both outer soles, NOT mirrored. One shoe should have the bottom of the letters on the inside, and the other shoe on the outside. The 350 version 2 coloured strip on the side should curve around the shoe; fakes are normally straight. 3. SELLER'S PROOF OF PURCHASE. If your seller has a paper receipt, check that their purchase date matches the release date of the shoe. Make sure your seller's receipt is legitimate -- some counterfeits will provide a receipt with shoes (the most common one says "Served by SELENA at FOOTLOCKER"). 4. PRICING. Yeezy's retail at $300-400 and the resale pricing is usually around $600. When in doubt, don't hesitate to email us at support@depop.com.

2 years agoKings County, United States

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