Team Depop accounts (@teamdepop_uk, @teamdepop_us,- 0
2 years ago

Kings County, United States

Team Depop accounts (@teamdepop_uk, @teamdepop_us, and @teamdepop_it) and Depop staff's personal accounts may PM you from time to time, but Depop employees NEVER prove message you links or ask for personal information. It has come to our attention that users and accounts claiming to be associated with Team Depop are private messaging users and urging them to visit external links and/or send them an email. If you receive a message like this, please ignore and/or report to the account immediately. We know this is going on, and your safety is our first priority. While we work hard to purge these phishers from our platform, we ask that you help is by staying vigilant and not clicking on external links or emailing personal information. If you have any questions, please email to connect with our Community Support team.

2 years agoKings County, United States
  • questiondeath The new thing they're trying is messaging us with things like "is this the same top you're selling?" with a link. Ridiculous 🙄

  • slipstream thank you guys for your hard work 💕

  • sznsam ^


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