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13 days ago

Clarendon, United States

so i finally made an official iso, this is everything i’ve seen that made my heart do a little skip the last two years 🤣 before i never let myself make iso with ac or hosh since i can’t do releases with my anxiety and don’t want to get my hopes up but it would mean so so much to me to get literally any of these so i’m finally putting this up !

these are all more specific and my top iso:
•all black hosh petites
•calico hosh petites
•round hosh constellation
•literally any mono hosh, ac, or aukami
•honestly any black ac since i’ve never had a pair
•aukami raccoon!!! is a huge one i’ve been after
•then last is the aukami red panda and i just really want to find who has these because T-T ahhh my heart

so i made the pictures to be in order for the most part of how much i like a pair, it’s hosh and ac on the first slide (left to right) and then my aukami iso (left to right) still forever looking for a pair of darker monochrome ears lol🙃

tags | petplay ears gear post cosplay elvestam

13 days agoClarendon, United States
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