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3 months ago

Los Angeles, United States

Chain of Strength “Rainfest” shirt on Magic Activewear size Large, but definitely fits more like a medium! Love the shirt/band but it’s way too small for me now, so it’s gotta go! I’m pretty sure this was made for their Rainfest 2015 show and it was limited to like 200 or 250, but I can’t remember! This shirt is #113. The imperfection on the “N” is like that from the printing process, and there is another on the “a” in “What”. Shirt is in excellent condition, maybe only worn twice! Hate to let it go but there’s no way it will fit me anymore hahaha. Just ask if you want any more pictures! Also the shirt is navy, the picture makes it look kinda dark.

FFO: Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone, Minor Threat, H2O, Madball, Judge, Floorpunch, Youth of Today, Bold, Uniform Choice, Insted

3 months agoLos Angeles, United States

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